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– Tareq I., Parent of Grade 11 Student


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– Darlene P., Parent of Grade 11 Student


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– Kimran N., Grade  11 IB Student


“My experience so far is wonderful!! I am currently getting tutored in math and my tutor pays attention to my methods and corrects me while providing explanations to how it works. My tutor stops me from memorizing formulas and shows how everything works which has improved my understanding. My grade has also increased dramatically since I’ve gotten tutoring. I highly recommend Happy Marks Tutoring for anyone, regardless of your math level; their tutors build and strengthen not only skill but confidence too.”

– Anne C., Grade 12 IB Student


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– Tanya A., Grade 12 AP Student


“I recently started getting tutoring for Pre-Calculus 11 and Physics 11 as I was having trouble in both of these areas. After a few sessions, I came back with 100% on a Physics test and 90% on a Math test. The tutors really help you understand the material and genuinely care about helping you succeed. I would definitely recommend Happy Marks Tutoring to anyone.”

– Jessica B., Grade 12 Student


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– Gurleen B., UBC BSc Student