Why You Should Choose Private Tutoring over Private Schools

For the average parent, private schooling for their children is an expensive and impractical alternative to traditional schooling. The most prominent question on parents’ minds is whether or not private schooling is really worth it. The truth is private schools tend to offer smaller class sizes, have much more rigorous selection processes, and tend to have more intense academic environments than their public counterparts. Today, parents understand the correlation between obtaining a quality education and economic freedom later down the road, and as a result, invest heavily in the future success of their children. But if it came down to it, why should you choose private tutoring over private schooling? The answer not only stems from affordability, but rather from the quality of the tutoring if it’s done correctly. Tutoring is most often regarded as individualized learning, as opposed to the “cookie-cutter” method observed in many public and private schools in the world. The cookie-cutter method assumes that every student is the same and learns in exactly the same way. Most often, this methodology of teaching is adopted to serve what is perceived to be the majority of students who attend school.

It’s widely accepted that students may be identified by their learning style, but anyone who teaches knows that isn’t always the case. More often than not, a student’s learning style is as unique as their fingerprint, and as such, deserves a learning experience that is tailored to their needs individually. Tutors not only have to be vastly educated in their discipline but also socially aware and capable of altering their teaching methods to meet the needs of the student. Typically, the classroom setting doesn’t allow this level of personalization, therefore many students are stuck with the notion that their teacher doesn’t really teach them anything. Most of the time, students seek tutors to learn material they should already be learning in class. The few students who are fortunate enough to have year-round support from an academic tutor find themselves excelling ahead of the curriculum.

It’s important to remember that only so much can be learned in a classroom, and students would benefit from supplemental tutoring. Many students in private school request to also have a tutor. For the tuition these students’ parents pay why should they have to request a tutor? Shouldn’t they be granted all of the extra help they need? The ability to personalize learning means that the educational delivery may be modified to hold the interest of the student. Students paired with tutors who regularly assess their foundational knowledge, and recognize problem areas, utilize their time in the most productive ways. Often times, students galvanize a strong rapport with their tutors, which also optimizes learning. Tutors tend to also be role models for their students, teaching them about character, time management, and how to learn – skills students will bring with them to their careers. Most parents would agree that professional development is vastly more valuable than grades, which would only be the cherry on top of the cake.


Jonathan Ross, Academic Advisor

Jonathan is an Academic Advisor who has been with GiTU since 2010. He is an active member of the tutor’s regulatory board and has taught post-secondary students for several years.